Sarojini Nagar-Shopping Paradise!

July 20, 2018
Sarojini Nagar Shopping Haul

Sarojini Nagar is a place that is probably every Delhi girl’s shopping paradise. It is known to be one of biggest flea markets in India. Here, you can get fashion forward clothes and accessories at unbelievably nominal prices. For people who don’t know about sarojini nagar, it is a neighborhood located in South West Delhi. It is specifically renowned for selling export surplus garments as well as rejected export clothing at amazing throwaway prices. This is the reason that this market even sells products from reputed brands at extremely cheap prices. Be it stylish clothes, chunky jewelry or trendy bags, this market has it all.

What can you find in Sarojini Nagar?

In this market you can expect to find highly fashionable clothes and accessories. Since is a export surplus and export reject market, you can also find clothes from brands like zara, mango, topshop, forever 21, etc at killer prices. Sarojini nagar has a huge variety of different types of artificial jewelry including dazzling earrings, chunky neckpieces and quirky rings. Also, you can find vendors selling sunglasses and belts for a price as low as Rs.50. It offers you a great variety of footwear, ranging from flats to high heels. Sarojini nagar is every Delhi girl’s answer to all her fashion problems.

How to reach Sarojini Nagar Market?

You can either take a direct cab to sarojini nagar market or use the metro. To reach Sarojini  Nagar via Delhi Metro you have to take the yellow line from Rajiv Chowk towards Huda City Centre. Then you have to get down at the INA metro station and take an auto to sarojini nagar market which will cost you Rs.40.

Things to keep in mind before going to Sarojini Nagar

Since Sarojini nagar is a flea market, you may face some unpleasant experiences when visiting for the first time. This is why we have listed down the things you need to keep in mind to have a great shopping experience at Sarojini.

1.Carry a huge comfortable handbag

When going to shop at sarojini nagar you need to remember to carry a big handbag along. You’ll need the bag to stuff all the clothes you shopped for. This is because the vendors in this market put your clothes in small polythene bags, a lot of which, can be quite difficult to manage when you’re shopping on the street.

2.Carry enough cash.

Since this market is mostly crowded, falling short on cash and going to an ATM can take up a lot of time and energy. So, it’s better that you carry enough cash and even better if you carry change.

3.Bargain, bargain, bargain!

This is the utmost rule for any kind of street shopping. You should have great bargaining skills when you go to Sarojini. This will help you get amazing deals on various products.

4.Check the products thoroughly before buying.

This is the problem that probably every girl faces but never talks about. Sarojini Nagar Market has no trial rooms and they sell rejected export clothing. Isn’t that a good enough reason to check what we’re buying? Since this market sells defected and rejected clothing you should thoroughly check any item for spots, rips or any other defect that you feel may be displeasing to the eyes.

So here is the list of items that we bought on our Sarojini Haul.

  1. Yellow Floral Summer Maxi – Rs.300
  2. Off Shoulder Floral Dress – Rs.250
  3. Golden Bangles – Rs.50
  4. Boho Shrug – Rs.150
  5. Camouflage Top – Rs.95
  6. Earrings – Rs.50

Did you know that you can shop sarojini clothing online too? Yes, people from all over India can now order products and garments from Sarojini over here. To know more about what you can expect to find at Sarojini Nagar, watch our Sarojini Haul now!

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