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Taking Care Of Skin In Winter: 5 Critical Problems To Avoid

November 17, 2022
Taking Care Of Skin In Winter

Winter is welcomed with varying responses. Some see the glitter of the beloved holiday season in it, and some grow morose over the chilly season, and what it may do for their skin. The weather’s dryness really makes it hard to decipher whether your skin is actually dry, or just deeply dehydrated. You soon realize why they keep talking about taking care of skin in winter.

The skin loses its plumpness and bounce and it’s like you could feel your skin getting thinner. And thinner skin means earlier access for the bad pollutants to enter, stay and block the pore it settles in. Our skin’s counteraction to foreign bacterial or fungal growth is by trapping that bacteria in a nodule, resulting in an acne flare-up.

Winters are achingly beautiful because your weekends are packed with socializing, going home and sandwiching events in the final stretch of the year. In this mess, the possibilities of how the winters harm your skin are endless, so rather than trying to scour for solutions after you see problems, it is better to assign a method to this madness, and begin taking care of skin in winter.

One sure-shot way is to understand and invest in preventative care, with skincare that is effective and result-oriented. Here’s a list of things we reckon you should always carry with you, for taking care of skin in winter.

We zeroed down the most documented skin issues in the winter season. So depending on the skin concern and the step in your C-T-M routine, we curated a list of products that are going to protect and prevent, so that you don’t have to spend time with ointments and pills. 


  • For Hydration 
  • For Sensitivity
  • For Sun Protection
  • For Early Stage Pimples
  • For Body-wide Moisturization 

For Hydration

Plum Green Tea Non-Alcoholic Toner

Plum Green Tea Non-Alcoholic Toner

Dry Patches, never see you again. This alcohol-free toner should be used after cleansing. With deeply moisturizing and hydrating qualities, not only does it relieve and heal the pores, but it also combats bacterial growth with its tea tree formulation. 

A good toner should also restore suppleness, for taking care of skin in winter. It should be tightening it and keeping it moisturized for hours. This toner works just this way and can be layered on for locking hydration. 

This product is recommended for people with acne-prone, sensitive skin, who want to optimally hydrate in the stripping winters. Normal and combination skin types will fare well with this product too. 

For Sensitivity  

The Derma Co 1% Ceramide Complex Milky Jelly Daily Cleanser

The Derma Co 1% Ceramide Complex Milky Jelly Daily Cleanser

For our friends with sensitive skin that easily lacerates and breaks out, we recommend this product. It’s a foaming formula that gently cleanses off sensitive skin and the ceramide formula helps repair the skin barrier- something people with sensitive skin lack. 

A safe foaming face wash with Oat Lipids and Niacinamide, this ultra-repair formula also locks in moisture, reduces inflammation and prevents water loss. 

This product is safe for all skin types. But especially for people who find their skin increasing in sensitivity, or getting drier with the onset of the winter. 

For Sun Protection 

Satthwa Sun Protect SPF 50 

Satthwa Sun Protect SPF 50 

By now, you’ve heard what not wearing sunscreen daily, does to your face. The UV-A and the UV-B radiation are just too harsh and do not make the mistake of thinking the sun isn’t just as powerful in the winter. Sunscreen is a must for taking care of skin in winter.

A water-based formula will feel hydrating and light. A thicker formula could crowd the skin pores, alongside other thick formulations like winter moisturizers. Satthwa’s SPF 50 provides broad-spectrum protection with Saxifraga Sarmentosa and  Grape Fruit Extract. 

A good sunscreen will feel lightweight, would be non-oily and can be easily reapplied. Satthwa Sun Protect SPF 50 is just exactly that and is safe for all skin types. 

For early-stage pimples 

Foxtale One Zit Wonder Acne Spot Corrector Gel

Satthwa Restorative Body Milk

Ironically, lack of moisture can lead to acne breakouts. Even after repeated cleansing and proper care, your pores can be blocked with harmful pollutants and comedogenic particulate matter. So, now you have begun to see pimples building up. What to do now? 

This spot treatment by Foxtale constitutes three power acids – Salicylic Acid, Glycolic Acid and Azelaic Acid. Focused on moisture retention, anti-bacterial action, removing dead skin and reducing redness, for taking care of skin in winter.  

The early stages and proper acne pustules can be treated with this corrector. This product requires prolonged application so keep in mind to either use it on a day off or at night so that the formula can heal the wounded skin. 

For Body-wide Moisturization 

Satthwa Restorative Body Milk

Satthwa Restorative Body Milk

Crinkly crusty skin can itch and irritate. Especially on the areas that you forget to moisturize and are just hard to reach- like your back. Beginning moisturization all over the body will help you combat the winter’s flaky skin and lock in moisture in the places where it’s due and ensure that you are taking care of skin in winter.

Satthwa’s Restorative Body Milk is packed with Shea Butter, Vetiver and Sandalwood Oil which will help you maintain hydration, and prevent ticks and bacteria for up to 12 hours. Long-lasting moisturization all over the body will help you turn rougher texture into smoother skin over regular use. 

This body milk should be applied in the AM and the PM daily, all over the body. Remember to moisturize thoroughly with sunscreen on, even in winter. 

Key takeaway. 

Finding the right products for winter care should take as less experimentation as possible so that inflammatory and allergic reactions are kept at bay, in already unforgiving weather. Your wellness arsenal for winter is your one true guide for combatting the harshness of this season. 

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