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How to Treat Post Covid Hair Loss?

August 24, 2022
post covid hair loss

The coronavirus has gripped the world for two years now. And not to forget the extensive Covid-19 side effects. Well, those who braved the virus went through a lot. Dermatologists say that one might experience post covid hair loss too. Here’s what we know about it and how you can treat post covid hair loss. 

What causes post covid hair loss? 

Hair fall is a common problem and everyone is afraid of it. They may come and go like weather. However, if you are experiencing serious hair fall, especially after covid, then you need to reconsider a lot of things. As per a study published in the Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, 1 in 10 people infected with the virus suffered extreme shedding. Another research showed that it happened with 66% of the patients.

Doctors say that post covid hair loss is stimulated not only by viruses but also by other reasons- dietary restrictions, nutritional deficiencies, side effects of extreme medications, and excessive stress.

It is proven that when your body is fighting the virus, you are fighting the stress. And thus, stress becomes the reason for prolonged hair shedding. 

Stress and hair loss 

The kind of hair loss caused by the coronavirus is regarded as Telogen Effluvium. This hair fall is a result of a sudden stressful event. There are more than a million hair follicles on a regular scalp. And each follicle is regularly growing and resting. Most of these follicles are in the growth stage. But when the follicles move to the telogen (resting stage), the hair begins to fall. Telogen can be triggered by sudden emotional or physical events. 

How to deal with post covid hair loss? 

Dealing with after covid stress is a subject for another day. But you can do a few things to improve your hair health. Have a balanced diet with a lot of proteins in it. Our hair is composed of keratin (protein) that keeps the hair strong. And also maintains the shine and texture. Add eggs, spinach, nuts, seeds, sweet potatoes, etc to your diet. 

Avoid excessive styling that involves heating and tight ponytails. Tight hairstyles put tension on the strands. These practices make the hair follicles go weaker. In fact, chemical treatments like smoothening, dying can also cause hair breakage. 

One natural, chemical-free, and easy solution is Satthwa’s Vardhana oil. It is made with pumpkin seed oil, green tea extract, neem leaf extract, and more enriching ingredients. It nourishes the hair from the roots and prevents hair thinning. All these ingredients make the hair follicles stronger and thus, make the strands thicker. 

post covid hair loss

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