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6 Effective Castor Oil for Hair Growth

July 12, 2022
castor oil for hair growth

The goal to achieve soft, silky, and strong hair may seem unattainable. But what if we say there is a hero product made especially for you? 

We are talking about castor oil for hair growth. 

Castor oil has been popular among hair and skin care experts. It is believed to be a more natural option to gain hair, skin, and other benefits. How? Here are some advantages of castor oil for hair growth and other body parts. 

Castor oil is a thick and miraculous oil derived from castor seeds known as Ricinus Communis. It contains important nutrients like Vitamin E, ricinoleic acid, and fatty acids like Omega 6 & 9. Ricinoleic acid has anti-inflammatory qualities that keep dandruff and itchiness at bay. It helps in hair growth and improves the quality of hair. Castor oil is known to increase the shine of the strands. 

Other than castor oil for hair growth, it has other uses. Castor oil

  • Heals stretch marks
  • Treats cracked heels
  • Supports nail growth
  • Promotes thicker eyebrows
  • Makes lashes longer 

Are you taken by surprise? One oil and so many advantages. 

Well, in this article, we bring you our recommendations for the top five castor oils to give your hair a boost. Plus, you can enjoy some additional benefits too. These are our favourites. Take a look.  

Castor oil for hair growth:

1. Satthwa’s Castor oil- Cold Pressed 

Satthwa’s castor oil is 100% organic and free from mineral oil, sulfate, paraben, artificial fragrance, and harmful chemicals. It is rich in Vitamin E and important nutrients like Omega 6 and 9 that keep the hair and nails strong. It also treats dry skin, heels, and lips. 

Price: ₹295 for 200 ml

2. Rey Naturals Castor oil 

If you want to buy light-weighted castor oil, then you should try Rey natural’s castor oil. It is infused with the goodness of vitamins and fatty acids that helps in hair growth. You can even use this oil on your face to keep it clear and moisturized. It is a cold-pressed, pure virgin castor oil for hair growth. 

Price: ₹240 for 200 ml

3. Mamaearth 100% Pure Cold Pressed Castor oil 

Mamaearth’s castor oil has natural healing qualities that penetrate deep into the scalp and help in hair growth and nourishment. It improves blood circulation and ensures healthier and less brittle nails. 

Price: ₹299 for 150 ml

4. WOW Skin Science 100% Pure Castor Oil 

This castor oil is high in antioxidants, Vitamin E, and essential fatty acids to take care of your hair, skin, scalp, eyelashes, eyebrows, and nails. It can also be used to promote hair growth and density. It is also effective in treating cracked heels. 

Price: ₹400 for 200 ml

5. Urban Botanics Cold Pressed Castor oil 

Urban Botanics Cold Pressed oil is a chemical-free solution to your various hair and skin worries. It nourishes damaged and dry locks and reduces hair fall. It also hydrates dry skin and lips. This castor oil for hair growth is an effective treatment.

Price: ₹300 for 200 ml

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