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Benefits Of Using Conditioner

December 10, 2017
Benefits of using hair conditioner

Hair are the most essential part of our personality and it is very necessary to take care of them like any other part of the body. Let us highlight some of the benefits o using a conditioner.

Today we are living in a world where everyone is very conscious of his/her looks and styling hair is one the most basic thing as half of our appearances depends on it. In metro, bus, television and any other place we notice others hairstyle and sometimes try to copy it but in today’s life many girls as well as boys are suffering the problem of hair loss. People rationally say that the problem of hair loss is a season problem and we ignore it but it can be much more serious than only a seasonal problem.

As we all know “what is a balanced diet”, we need to take a proper meal to make ourselves healthy in the same way our hair also needed a balanced diet which includes oiling, shampoo and conditioning but many women skips to condition thier hair and suffer many problems related to hair and blame other reasons instead of their ignorance. Ignorance is a main cause of many problems and it is useless to regret after bearing losses.

We use shampoo regularly to wash our hair but we in real terms don’t know “why we use shampoo?”, Shampoo is use to clean oil, dirt and other nasty things which are present in the cuticle and it makes our scalp dry and conditioner again moisturises them and also smoothens the cuticle. Skipping conditioner causes many problems such as hair loss, frizzy hair, greasy hair, hair breakage because shampoo makes our scalp dry and dry scalp results of detangling of hair which leads to hair fall.

Everyone’s hair is different from one another as some have dry hair while the other has oily hair and there are conditioners available for each type of hair. Conditioner should be chosen according to the type of the hair otherwise it works in the other way round such as it makes hair greasy and also results in hair fall.

There are many types of conditioners available in the market such as UV protection conditioner and conditioner having essential nutrients which are necessary for hair and many others. Hair fall could be because of many psychological problems such as stress and conditioner also works as a stress reliever as we massage our scalp when we apply conditioner. Also, stress also turns our hair grey and now a days half of the youth is suffering from the problem of grey hair as well as stress.

Styling hair is very common among girls as well as boys as teenagers spend thousands of money in hair coloring and highlights, conditioner  helps in long stay of coloured hair as well as highlights because conditioner moisturizes hair while shampoo makes our cuticle dry which results in fading of the colour and also makes our hair rough.

The only problem people face is stickiness after applying conditioner and for that my suggestion is to wash your head clearly after applying conditioner.

There are many benefits of using conditioner as it helps in shiny and smooth hair as well as nourishes our hair, so we can say using conditioner is very important in order to get beautiful hair. So my advice is to follow a proper and effective way of washing hair and use conditioner after applying shampoo so that your hair will get a balanced amount of everything.

It’s better to be admirable rather than pitying yourself, you can also have shiny, smooth and beautiful hair, and for that you have to start using conditioner after applying shampoo in your hair and soon you will start recognising difference. So, stop skipping conditioner after shampoo.

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