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5 Easy DIY Eye Mask for Dark Circles

September 15, 2022
DIY Eye Mask

Dark circles, puffy eyes, and dull skin are a sign of a lack of proper sleep or skin care. Try these DIY eye mask and get clear, glowing skin. We bet you will ditch useless eye creams. 

DIY eye mask

Cucumber DIY eye mask

Sliced cucumbers on the eyes are a refreshing way to soothe them. They are high in ascorbic acid which help reduce puffiness and tighten the skin underneath. You can try a cucumber eye mask that will act as a hydrator for your skin. 

DIY Eye Mask


1. Half cucumber

2. 2 tbsp rose water

3. Cotton round pads

4. Blender 


1. In a blender, mix half cucumber and rosewater to make a liquid paste. Refrigerate it for 10 mins.  

2. Cut the cotton round pads into two. Soak them in the liquid. 

3. Place them under your eyes for at least 15-20 mins.

Tea bags as eye masks 

Do you always go for tea for a morning wake-me up? Now look for tea bags to really freshen up. Tea bags are a wonderful remedy to remove morning puffiness. Any tea- green, black or herbal can work on your eyes. 


1. Tea bags 


1. Refrigerate tea bags overnight.

2. Take out two tea bags 10-15 mins before use.

3. Place them over your eyes for 10 mins.

Coffee mask 

There is no denying the fact that dark circles make you look tired all the time. Coffee is rich in antioxidants that only refresh the mind but also your skin. When mixed with honey, it can double the benefits. Honey also promotes glowing skin. 


1. 2 tbsp coffee

2. 1 tbsp honey 

3. 2 cotton pads 


1. Mix 2 tbsp coffee and 1 tbsp honey in a bowl. 

2. Soak two cotton pads and refrigerate them. 

3. Place the pads underneath your eyes for 15 mins. 

Coconut oil for dark circles

Coconut oil works best for tired eyes. It contains fatty acids and essential vitamins that soothe the affected area. Coconut oil is a gentle anti-inflammatory component that minimizes inflammation, wrinkles, and fine lines too. 


1. A few drops of coconut oil 


1. Take a few drops of coconut oil and apply it under your eyes. 

2. Massage thoroughly everyday before going to bed.

Tomato DIY eye mask

Tomato is famous for its bleaching properties that can lighten the skin. Frequent application of tomato DIY eye mask can help reduce dark circles, under eye bags, and dullness. The antibacterial quality promotes youthful and healthy skin. 


1. Tomatoes 

2. 1 tbsp of Vitamin E 


1. Take a few slices of tomato and grind them to make a paste. Add 1 tbsp Vitamin E. 

2. Drench two cotton pads into the mix and freeze them. 

3. Use whenever needed. 

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